The Orphan's Tale
by Pam Jenoff
Praise For This Book:
A tribute to the human spirit that soars in the midst of epic despair ~ NPR

Secrets, lies, treachery, and passion.... I read this novel in a headlong rush. ~ Christina Baker Kline

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train

In prose that is beautiful, ethereal, and poignant, The Orphan's Tale is a novel you won't be able to put down. ~Bustle

A gripping story about the power of friendship to save and redeem even in the darkest of circumstances ~Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of

The Swans of Fifth Avenue and The Aviator's Wife

Jenoff expertly performs a pirouetting tale worthy of a standing ovation. ~Sarah McCoy

New York Times bestselling author of The Mapmaker's Children

The Orphan's Tale is a wonderfully compelling story...The story grips from the very first page. ~Margaret Leroy, author of The Soldier's Wife

The Orphan's Tale begins with the most riveting first chapter I've ever read. With deftness and emotion, Jenoff sets in motion a compelling story of friendship and courage during the Second World War. ~Charles Belfoure

author of The Paris Architect and House of Thieves

A beautiful and heart wrenching novel...Jenoff mesmerizes with her ability to weave in historical detail with a story that explores love, friendship, and the endurance of the human spirit. A marvelous and satisfying read! ~Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost Wife

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