The Reminders
by Val Emmich
PBR Review: Ten year old Joan has HSAM, a condition which allows her to remember every day in her life exactly as it happened. She can recall every detail of every conversation, and everything that happened, right down to the day of the week and what everyone was wearing. Joan is a delight but at the same time a tiny bit odd, which makes it hard for her to have normal relationships. She canít understand why others forget, which causes her to obsess about being remembered.

The story follows her quest to create something that will guarantee she will not be forgotten. Gavin, her mother's friend and an actor who is grieving the loss of his partner, comes for an extended stay. Joan becomes very attached to him convincing herself, that with his help she can reach her goal. The story is told from both their viewpoints in alternating chapters. Their relationship grows as each helps the other. Itís a touching friendship that stays with you for a long time.

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