by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex
Praise For This Book:
"Spare is surprisingly well written - despite the drama around it" -Eliana Docktermane,staff writer for TIME in New York City.

"This ghostwritten testimony, though flawed, humanises the subject ... The introduction is both startling and disarming ... Harry... turns out to be an emerging apostate who can't quite give up the faith. Like his mother, he is still an ardent monarchist. He takes for granted his inherited position and unspeakably privileged lifestyle ... Read it for yourself ... Harry is always learning. It's his most endearing quality" -Ryasim Alibhai-Brown, News UK

"There is no doubt that Spare in full gives you a picture that individual anecdotes from this extraordinary life story do not. The dominant themes are skilfully woven like a thread through JR Moehringer's manuscript ... There is also most certainly something of a catharsis in this process for the Prince. Having sat back and seen his story told by others-often incorrectly-he has now put it all out there for himself ... There is no doubt that Harry's story is heartbreaking at times and it would be hard to come away from reading Spare without feeling some compassion for him. If you do end up caring about him when you finish this book, you may find yourself turning the last page and hoping that he does not wake up one day and wish he could take it all back." -Victoria Murphy, Town and Country

"This book doesn't so much lift the curtain on private royal life than rip it off and shake out its contents. But it's also richly detailed and at times beautifully written; if Harry is going to set fire to his family, he has at least done it with some style ... Breathtakingly frank ... There is humour in the book too, even if it's of the squaddie variety." -Lucy Pavia,The Independent (IRE)

"Curiously lacking in self-awareness ... This has been billed as the most explosive royal memoir in history, but it feels more like the heart-rending story of a man stuck forever in the past ... For all that Harry comes across as sympathetic and vulnerable in parts, for all the deliciously gossipy bits...the book mostly feels like a long act of retribution ... The title of the book is Spare, but Harry spares no one, least of all William. Many of the sources of his resentment feel like normal sibling squabbles, except that normal sibling squabbles don't end up forming the backbone of a bestselling memoir, locked forever into a nation's historical record ... What save the book from being a long, entitled whingefest are the moments of genuine emotional intensity - and the gloriously bitchy insights into a family that is deeply, irretrievably weird. -Jennifer O'Connell, IRISH TIMES (IRE)

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