The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany
by Lori Nelson Spielman
PBR Review: (by- Linda)
Read this book on a sunny day with a glass of your favorite wine. As this warm, inviting family saga unfolds, you'll find yourself making plans for a trip to Italy. The story spans generations and takes place in both NYC and Italy. You will get to know the characters intimately, each with a unique personality. Some you'll love, some not so much, but the story will pull you in. It's filled with lots of family secrets and romance. It's about forgiveness and being true to yourself, and it's thoroughly engaging.

The basic premise is fun. The second-born daughters of the Fontana family are cursed; they will never find true love. But it's also filled with some of life's beautiful lessons and self-discovery. Three dynamic women take a trip together and, in the process, deal with deep-seated family dynamics and sort through some intense emotions in an attempt to understand and break the family curse. Loved it!
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