The Stolen Marriage
by Diane Chamberlain
Praise For This Book:
"Chamberlain conveys a strong sense of daily life in the American South during WWII, and the concurrent devastation of the polio epidemic, in this well-crafted crime-tinged tale of a marriage of convenience." -Publishers Weekly

"Combines the issue-driven style of Jodi Picoult, the romantic tension of Nora Roberts, and the lifedefining-mistake motif of Amy Hatvany's It Happens All the Time." -Booklist

"Secrets, intrigue, mystery, love, forgiveness, and drama-it's all here. And it is riveting. Chamberlain's latest novel demands the reader to race, yet savor, the journey to the finale." -Library Journal

"Chamberlain pulls readers into the life of Tess DeMello, showing how one careless mistake drastically alters the course of her life. The characters are carefully constructed and fully engaging. Every emotion is deeply felt and the chapters move swiftly, building suspense and anticipation to see how Tess' life unfolds. The research on the polio epidemic and Hickory, North Carolina, provides great insight into the time period, which is also tempered with racial tensions, family obligations and class divides. This totally engrossing novel provides a rich, complex story with a satisfying conclusion." -RT Reviews

"This will be a good choice for book clubs, with the issues of women's rights and roles in their marriages, interracial marriage, medical ethics (as an epidemic breaks out among people of all races and religions), honesty and trust. It is an easy read, but has a lot of depth." -Littoral Librarian

"I found this novel engaging, terribly sad, hopeful and unique. A love story and yet an un-love story too. You have to read it to understand." -Bookstalker Blog

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