Stone Blind
by Natalie Haynes
PBR Review: (by- Linda )

I liked this book. Partly because Greek mythology fascinates me. The gods are always misbehaving; they don't act their age - they're fickle, vindictive, and childish - but they are highly entertaining.

However, in this retelling, Natalie Haynes challenged my perception of Medusa. She's not the monster you may think she is but a victim - cursed (for something she had no control over) with the power to turn people to stone if she looks at them. This means she is forced into a life of solitude.

The concept of good vs. evil is also challenged. As is the definition of a monster and hero. The gorgons may look the part, with monstrous snakes for hair, but who is the real monster?

It's worth noting that this was not just the story of Medusa but also the story of her two sisters, Euryale and Sthenno, who loved and raised her. And there are other gods and goddesses in the story, too, like Cassiope, Andromeda, and Athnene - the daughter of Zeus - all fascinating to read about.

I thought this was an excellent, thought-provoking read. If you're a fan of greek mythology, you will love this book

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