The Rose Code

by Kate Quinn
From start to finish, this was an exciting read about three young women recruited to decipher intricate codes during WWll at the top secret compound Beltchy Park.  The Rose Code by Kate Quinn #historical fiction, #reading, #books to read, #books

Discussion Questions

1. Did you know much about the codebreakers at Bletchley Park prior to reading the novel?

2. Why was working as a codebreaker the right path for Osla, Mab and Beth? What did each woman hope to achieve at Bletchley Park?

3. Could you have worked as a codebreaker back then? Why or why not?

4. We see the trio become good friends but in 1947 they are enemies. Why do you think the author decided to tell the story in the two timelines? Did it impact how you read about the friendship in the early '40s?

5. Each woman experiences a romance during their time at Bletchley Park. For Osla, it's a romance with Prince Phillip. Do you think it would have lasted longer if Osla could have told him about her work? Or were they always fated just to be friends?

6. Mab's romance with Francis is sweet but then tragic. The author spends a lot of time talking about Francis' PTSD from fighting in WW1 why was it important for the author to include those sections about the harsh realities of war?

7. And Beth begins a relationship with the married Harry. What drew them together?

8. We eventually learn the true nature of the betrayal. Both Francis and Mab's daughter is tragically killed in a bomb strike. Mab blames Osla for not holding more tightly to her daughter and eventually they all find out that Beth knew that attack would happen. Let's talk in detail about this betrayal.

9. Beth believes she made the right call because she couldn't sacrifice her oath. Do you believe she was in the wrong? What would you have done if you were Beth?

10. Throughout the novel, we know there was a traitor at Bletchley Park. Who did you originally think it was? Were you surprised it was Giles?

11. What did you think about the ending?

12. The Rose Code will be made in a TV series. Who do you think should play the main parts? What do you hope is included in the show and also expanded upon?

Discussion Questions by the Book Club Chat

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