Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

by Gabrielle Zevin
Literary Fiction: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

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Discussion Questions

1. Sam and Sadie meet, separate and meet again multiple times across the course of the book the opening of the novel shows them reunite for the first time. Discuss the way this scene is depicted and how it makes you initially feel about the characters and their relationship.

2. Before Mazer invented himself as Mazer, he was Samson Mazer, and before he was Samson Mazer, he was Samson Masur a change of two letters that transformed him from a nice, ostensibly Jewish boy to a Professional Builder of Worlds and for most of his youth, he was Sam, S.A.M. on the hall of fame of his grandfather's Donkey Kong machine, but mainly Sam. (p.3) How does Sam's identity as 'Mazer'differ from the Sam we see in the book? Why do you think he created a persona for his professional public life?

3. "No," Sam said. "We've never . . . It's more than romantic. It's better than romance. It's friendship."" Sam laughed. "Who cares about romance anyway?" (p.91) Sam and Sadie's friendship takes the reader through the whole book discuss how it changes from section to section. Do you think there was a romantic connection between them? Do you think they were right to choose their professional endeavours over it?

4. The reader sees Sam's journey with his disability through flashbacks, his present state and his inner voice. Describe how Sam's character develops throughout the novel, and how his accident plays a role in who he is.

5. Gaming plays a huge role in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Discuss what you learned about gaming, whether this book changed your perspective of the creators of games, and why,how.

6. Marx is initially introduced as Sam's roommate an NPC, but ultimately grows to play a core role in the success of 'Ichigo', and Sadie and Sam's creative partnership. What early hints are there that Marx is critical to the story, and what does his character bring to the book?

7. There are hundreds of cultural references books, art, games and more throughout the book. There are also some invented elements that accompany the real works. Do these expansive references make Sadie and Sam's world feel different to the reader? How?

8. I hate that world, don't you? I'm terrified of that world, and I don't want to live in that world, and as a mixed race person, I literally don't exist in it. My dad , who I barely knew, was Jewish. My mom was an American born Korean. I was raised by Korean immigrant grandparents in Koreatown, Los Angeles. And as any mixed race person will tell you,to be half of two things is to be whole of nothing. (p.78) Discuss how identity, particularly race, plays a role in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. How do Sadie, Sam and Marx and the games they produce represent this theme throughout?

9. As Sam often said to Sadie, "Why make anything if you don't believe it could be great?" It is worth noting that greatness for Sam and Sadie meant different things. To oversimplify, For Sam, greatness meant popular. For Sadie, art. (p.69)

Discuss the ways in which Sadie and Sam are different, and how this effects their relationship.

10. Sadie experiences her progression in the tech and gaming industry as a young woman, how does this differ compared to Sam, Marx and Dov's experience? Is Sadie treated differently because she is a woman?

11. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is about two characters who you meet aged 11 and spend the next 25 years watching grow up. What was this reading experience like?

Discussion Questions by the Author

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