The Velvet Hours
by Alyson Richman
PBR Review:
I’m a Paris kind of person. I love reading and learning more about this beautiful city; matching my remembered perception with the author’s portrayal. I’m secretly hoping the author captures the city’s charms so I can visit vicariously. This story is imagined around a bit of history and centers on two women, Marthe de Florian and her granddaughter, Solange. It was inspired by the actual Paris apartment of Marthe that was closed for 70 years after WWII. Solange is an aspiring writer, seeking inspiration and finds it when she meets the grandmother she never knew existed. Marthe’s life as a courtesan is fascinating and the bond that develops between them touching. The Velvet Hours is a beautifully written tale filled with history, art and one woman’s journey from poverty to riches.

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