The Widow's War
by Sally Gunning
PBR Review: This is well-researched and informative historical fiction. It takes place in Cape Cod in the year 1761 and follows the travails of Lyddie Berry, who is recently widowed. As is typical in this time period, when her husband drowns in a boating accident, Lyddie is entitled to use of one third of her husbandís estate, with the remaining going to the nearest male heir, which for Lyddie is her less than stellar son-in-law. Gunning creates a strong believable character in Lyddie and one I found myself rooting for.

I think what I found so appealing about this woman and what made her so human, was that she tried to do what society expected of her, but in the end followed her heart, challenging the strict code of mores and fundamental views of the time. I truly appreciate the contribution that women like Lyddie have made to the freedoms todayís women enjoy and never tire of reading of their personal journeys. In summary, a must read for historical fiction aficionados or those who enjoy books about strong women who put up a good fight for what feels right to them, regardless of what society thinks.

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