All She Left Behind
by Jane Kirkpatrick
Praise For This Book:
Once again, Jane Kirkpatrick creates a bold and inspiring woman out of the dust of history. All She Left Behind is a compelling story of Jennie Parrish, who triumphs over loss and tragedy to fulfill her dream of becoming a healer of both bodies and souls. With the help of her God and her husband, Jennie breaks the bonds that keep women from practicing medicine in nineteenth-century Oregon. Jennie's triumph, in the skilled hands of one of the West's most beloved writers, leaves its mark on your heart." Sandra Dallas, New York Times bestselling author

"Kirkpatrick (This Road We Traveled, 2016) returns with dramatic literary force in this late-nineteenth century novel based on the true story of Jennie Pickett. Jennie is a homeopathic healer in her Willamette Valley, Oregon, community, but neither herbal remedies nor love for her child offers any cures for the toxicity of her husband's addictions, abuse, and neglect. As her desperate family situation disintegrates, Jennie sets out to chase her dream of becoming a physician. Leaving past hurts behind is easier said than done, and Jennie must chart a path through the pain that threatens any chance of future joy. "Kirkpatrick is an unwavering pillar in historical fiction, showcasing the power of her meticulously researched and richly rendered details. Heart-wrenching and heavy with the emotional trauma and confusion of the children of addicts, this is a story of fallibility and determination, of failing but still showing up. Kirkpatrick offers an ode to the hardworking women and mothers who face head-on the pressures of family, social status, and career while fighting for their dreams." - Kate Campos, Booklist

Romantic Times Book Reviews has selected All She Left Behind as one of their Top Picks with a 4 1/2 star rating. 'The storyline is rich in historical details that enhance the overall plot without overtaking it. Kirkpatrick does her research on each of her books, and it shows."

Praise for Jane Kirkpatrick
"Kirkpatrick's vivid, rich prose will keep readers in awe and on the edges of their seats."--Publishers Weekly, starred review of This Road We Traveled

"Richly researched and remarkably detailed."--Booklist, starred review of This Road We Traveled

"Kirkpatrick is a talented author who writes about historical events that have been forgotten throughout the generations."-RT Book Reviews, top pick on The Memory Weaver

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