DIY Christmas Table Decoration (Jokes Included)

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DIY Christmas Table Decorations; A Great Addition To Festive Celebrations!

The Christmas season is here, and it’s time to start planning your dinner menu for Christmas day.  That includes your holiday place settings. 

 A beautiful Christmas table where the family gathers sets the tone for your dinner party and adds some holiday spirit.  Christmas is a festive season, and I always try to bring that energy into my home.  The most important thing this time of year is spending quality time with the people we love and the joy we spread.

Putting a little extra effort into your Christmas tablescape is an easy way to make guests feel welcome while adding a bit of excitement.  It’s so easy with these adorable table gifts.  A small gift at each person’s seat will speak volumes and add to your holiday decor.  It’s a simple way to add casual elegance to your Christmas table settings.

I filled these sweet little boxes with an array of delicious Ghirardelli chocolates, sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  Add a name tag, and they double as place cards!  But the best part is you can add a joke to each box.  Once everyone is seated, you can take turns reading the jokes aloud.  It’s great fun, especially if you have little kids at the table. 

Use A Festive Gold Pen For Writing Names

Let me first say; my family loves chocolate.  There’s never a question of what flavor of cake they want for their birthday or will what flavor of ice cream they ask me to buy at the grocery store.  Hands down, it’s always chocolate.  You could call us chocolate connoisseurs. 

My family’s love for fine chocolate began when my eldest daughter worked in a candy shop as a teenager.  She would spoil us by bringing home little samples of all the candies.  It was so much better than the average candy bar we were used to eating that we became hooked on quality chocolate.  There was no going back.  

So when the holiday season rolls around, we like giving Ghirardelli Chocolates to our dinner crew.  Our favorites are chocolate caramel, peppermint bark, dark chocolate sea salt, and cute chocolate snowmen, to name a few. 

However, you could add anything to the boxes your family and friends would enjoy.  Mini candy canes or tiny holiday gummies would be perfect.  I placed a joke into each box and wrapped it with a fancy gold ribbon.  Then I put it in the center of each place setting to let our guests know something special was inside.

Some of our favorite chocolates

I found these cute little boxes and gift tags at Walmart, and they’re perfect for a Christmas dinner table gift.  Who doesn’t like sitting down to a delicious meal with a gift waiting for them?  You could also use small glass jars or cellophane bags with a little bit of green or red ribbon.  The ideas are endless for these easy Christmas decorations.

The gifts I used for my holiday place setting were super simple to assemble, and I found boxes, ribbons, and gift tags at  You can download a printable of the jokes I used for the boxes here

I hope this gives you ideas and adds some sweet delicious fun to your holiday!!

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