The Official 2023 Reading Challenge (Free Printable)

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Join our 2023 Reading Challenge! Are you ready to start the New Year with a list of great books? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone with a new reading list and new books?

 What is a reading challenge?

The best reading challenges encourage exploring different genres, authors, and subjects. They guide you in reaching your reading goals, getting more out of your reading life, and introducing you to new and different kinds of books. 

There are many different ways for an avid reader to create an excellent book list.  We know it can be a challenge when you read a lot.  We’re guilty of starting a book only to realize we’ve already read it.  Joining the challenge is a great way to break a reading rut and find new authors and the best books for you.  It forces you to explore different books that become your new favorite books!

This activity is for anyone who likes fun reading challenges. Because reading is an excellent hobby that benefits the mind, body, and soul, it takes you to places you’ve never been and opens your mind to new ideas. It doesn’t matter how many minutes of reading you complete or the number of books you read. It’s all about growing as a reader and enjoying the process. The most important thing is connecting with friends and other avid readers.  It’s fun and provides opportunities for exciting conversations.

How to get started?

Download our printable Reading Challenge log sheet here. Next, follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group because we will host monthly giveaways and give book suggestions to help you complete the challenge.


Tips for finding books!

Remember to visit your local library.  We always find the library staff extremely helpful when searching for a good book, especially when you’re looking for reading challenge ideas.  They are a terrific resource when picking books with specific criteria.

Ask your reading friends and family members what their reading. We have found word of mouth to be one of the best ways to find a good book. Readers are passionate about their books and love to share.

We can’t wait to start this fun year of reading with the PBR community. Please invite your friends, book club, and family members as we begin this new reading journey together(prizes included)! When we read together and pick books together, everybody wins!

PBR Book Recommendations


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 We hope you enjoy the best reading challenge of 2023 as much as we do! Feel free to contact us with questions about the Reading Challenge or if you need any book recommendations.

Happy reading,

Andrea + Linda


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    I joined the mailing list and I still have not received the 2023 Reading Challenge. I have entered my email a couple of times and still have not received anything.

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      Send me your email at, and I’ll send you the information. I’m sorry for the confusion. Some readers are signing up at the bottom of the post, which is just our newsletter subscription. The form in the middle of the post is for the Reading Challenge.

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    Michele Kilday

    Are we supposed to post the books when we ready them somewhere?

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