The Best Nonfiction Audiobooks for Book Clubs

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Read The Best Nonfiction Audiobooks!

Nonfiction audiobooks have recently gained popularity in book clubs.   With best sellers like Educated,  Wild, and Killers of The Flower Moon, there is a lot of buzz about non-fiction as they have become a staple in most book club selections.  

To begin with, nonfiction audiobooks cover various topics, from politics and history to true crime and self-help. They’re informative and exciting and allow members to learn something new. Stepping outside your comfort zone with a book club selection almost always creates a fantastic discussion. 

Why Listen To Audiobooks?

 On the other hand, some of the best audiobooks have brought a whole new dimension to the reading experience as they easily integrate into our daily lives, providing entertainment for all ages. Life gets busy, so listening to an audiobook while driving,  exercising, or doing household chores helps save time and allows you more free time to prepare for Book Club.  Relaxing in your favorite book nook while listening to the perfect audiobook is a great recharge.  

What type of book makes a great audiobook?

Many authors of memoirs choose to narrate their books, adding a personal touch. It adds excitement to the listening experience of a nonfiction audiobook. Prince Harry’s narrative in ‘Spare’ is a terrific example of this, where his storytelling not only captivates but also brings an enhanced sense of intimacy to the book, particularly when delving into pivotal life events.  His personal narrative is excellent. 

Here is our list of the best nonfiction audiobooks of all time that promise to engage and captivate your members. Whether you’re interested in finding audio books for your next road trips or want to focus on personal development, non-fiction audiobooks offer a great way to listen to a book.

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Get started with Nonfiction Audiobooks for your Book Club.

1. Going There by Katie Couric

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Katie narrate her book. She gives unique insights into her experiences in the media industry and her coverage of major events and public figures. She also shares a glimpse into her personal life, including her husband’s battle with cancer, romantic relationships, and other struggles she faced during her career. This personal account of her life would make an excellent Book Club choice.

2. Spare by Prince Harry

Prince Harry delivers an insider’s perspective on the inner workings of the royal family, as well as the personal experiences he faced growing up in the public eye. This fascinating book offers a glimpse into the dynamics and relationships within the Windsor family. He covers topics such as mental health, the death of his mother, and his relationship with family members. Listening to Harry narrating his personal stories added another dimension to this emotional read. I loved this book; it will provide a lively discussion for a Book Club.  

3. Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Listening to Jessica Simpson tell her own story in her voice was inspiring. She’s resilient and has overcome many obstacles. You don’t have to be her fan to enjoy this book.  It’s an easy listen, but you will respect her tenacity. Her journey to stardom wasn’t easy, and she gives an honest and sometimes blunt account of her struggles from a young woman into adulthood. It was also fun getting a behind-the-scenes look at celebrity lifestyles. Book Clubs will have much to discuss with this book.

4. Braving The Wilderness by Brene’Brown

If you’re looking for a book on personal growth, grab this one!  You’ll discover how embracing vulnerability can lead to a more authentic and courageous life. This book is inspirational and thought-provoking and would encourage a lively discussion.

5. Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

I’m a fan of Trevor Noah and thoroughly enjoyed listening to him narrate the story of his own life.  This fascinating book was engaging and insightful, illuminating many serious topics concerning apartheid South Africa. Noah uses wit and humor to share personal anecdotes of what it was like to live where racial segregation and discrimination were part of everyday life. Don’t miss this one.

6. Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl’s journey of self-discovery on the PCT presented many challenges, both physically and emotionally, for the author. She faces her demons and overcomes many obstacles alone in the wilderness. Reading about how she conquers her fears and turns her life around inspires us all.

7. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shettery

This book sheds light on the vital contributions of African-American women to the space race and the civil rights movement. It’s a true story about an essential piece of history in the United States and highlights overcoming adversity and making a difference.  It would make a great book club selection. It’s also a major motion picture. 

Here are a few more recommendations to browse:

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