Book Club Party

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One of my favorite evenings is Book Club night, but I have to admit, I get anxious when it’s my turn to host. It’s not because of a bad experience or anything; I just want everyone to relax and thoroughly enjoy the evening. I’m always busy and so is everyone I know, so I understand people’s lives are in full swing. At the end of the evening, everyone needs to go home happy and glad they came ( no exceptions).

One evening, while trying to sort through my anxiety, I had a light bulb moment; I realized I needed to call my book club “meeting” what it really is, a party. We’re getting together to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy some friendly banter on the book we’ve all read. We like spending time with like-minded people; it’s a fun night out.

My mood can take me anywhere when I start to plan and when time permits I like to mix things up and get outside the box, but still keep things simple. I studied French for a while, and vacationed there a few times to practice my accent, which FYI, I quickly learned was a lesson in futility.

Anyway, the French are amazing when they entertain- they keep it simple but elegant. Dine with a French family, and you leave feeling special; the food is delicious but simple and the conversation is warm and inviting. It’s my go to model for entertaining.


Many times, just to time travel back to those happy days, I serve French Macaroons- simple and elegant just like the French, and to die for good!

Oolaia French Macaroons – from Whole Foods.

I really want my party to feel personal and I love to cook, but suffer from the small kitchen syndrome- it comes from living in NYC . As a compromise and to quiet the niggling voice in my head, I shop for some of the food but always serve a few homemade items. Cookies, Cupcakes, Soup, Appetizers, Mini desserts, Casseroles, Salads- it just depends on the season and my schedule.

Homemade Bruschetta – So easy and So good!

Have fun at your next Book Club meeting.  We would love to hear all about it.

If you need some help on running a Book Club Meeting- PBR has a whole Book Club section  on our website- it’s really good and has everything you’ll need.

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