Homemade Organic Dog Biscuits For Your Dog!

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I know I’ not alone when I say I love Halloween. It’s a fantastic time to get together and be silly. Let loose and enjoy one another’s company.

In the spirit of Halloween, I’m making some homemade dog treats for my Golden Retriever, Buddy. Not only, homemade, but organic!

I purchased the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by the Bubba Roses Biscuit Company. It’s filled with recipes for all different types of treats. I decided on the Pumpkin Bites, and they were a hit! I can’t say he’s terribly picky, but he did gobble them up.

Baking is a stress reliever for me. I love creating delicious treats for my favorite people. I have an incredible sweet tooth myself, so I’m never at a loss for finding something to bake.

However, I’m not baking for my family at the moment. My oldest daughter is engaged to be married, so we’re all eating healthy in hopes of looking fantastic for the big day. Buddy’s not involved in the day, so he’s the lucky one with homemade treats.

He just finished playing in the pool.

This was my first time making dog treats. It was a bit strange not tasting them once they came out of the oven because they smelled delicious. I guess that reaffirms my reasoning for making dog treats instead of cupcakes.

I have to confess; I’m a reluctant empty nester. My kids have finished college, moved out and are gainfully employed. However, I do miss them, especially around Halloween.

One of my favorite Halloween’s together.

When my girls were at home, it was always a homemade costume. There was a parade through town, neighborhood parties and lots of socializing for all. Since Buddy is the only one home, I decided to make treat bags for the neighborhood dogs.

He wasn’t very cooperative with trying on his costume.

I found this adorable lion costume for Buddy and my mother happens to be a fantastic knitter, so I enlisted her help. He wasn’t the most natural subject to photograph! It took multiple tries and tons of treats. But, I think he looks look cute.

He really wanted some treats!

It’s a great night to throw on a pot of Chili, and stay home to give out candy. I always have a glass of wine in hand and of course a good book.

Here he is as a puppy. He’s about 6 weeks old.

Happy Halloween,


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