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I can hardly remember when this wasn’t the case – but these days, for better or worse, I’m still hunting down books and sharing the best.  Don’t be surprised if when browsing below, one minute you’re relaxing with a cuppa tea or brunching with a favorite friend and the next you’re off to the book-store , I found some good ones.

Truth be told, there are many, many delightful books out there and when it comes to reading, diversity is key. So, the below list is designed just for that, there’s an assortment – some fun books – some serious books.

Because when it’s all said and done, it’s about finding the right book to match your mood.

Books are essential nourishment to the mind.  ~ Joanna Davidson Positano

By The Book by Julia Sonneborn

A modern version of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION. A young college professor struggles to get tenure as she deals with an ex-boyfriend from her past and an ailing father in the present. An entertaining and fun second chance novel that’s perfect for those who enjoy light reads. (Click here for more on this book)

Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade

Love a book that’s inspired by true events? This one looks at orphanages and the medical experiments, most with serious life-long consequences, being done on orphans at the time.   There is much to reflect on in this intriguing story. (Click here for more on this book)

Lily and Octopus by Steven Rowley

A smart and clever story about a man’s love for his dog that all pet owners will relate to. The story is filled with sensitive insights into the influence of pets on their owners. It’s a funny, poignant and emotionally rewarding read.  (Click here for more on this book)

Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong

It’s hard to imagine finding humor in a book about Alzheimer’s – but this author looks at this disease through fresh eyes, and yes, it’s at times funny, but it’s also sad. It explores issues of love, loss and the importance of memory as it looks at how this disease affects both the people suffering from it and those who care for them. (Click here for more on this book)

Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys

This is a nostalgic read that will churn up memories of the movie Titanic and all the glamour that goes along with traveling by luxury ocean liner. There’s a death to puzzle and an unexpected twist, but there’s also great historical details of social and racial tensions of 1939 and a wonderful sense of time and place. (Click here for more on this book)

White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn Bracht

The writing is excellent, and the impact of this story is profound. Japanese soldiers kidnap young girls and use them as “comfort women” for the army. Historical estimates say that as many as 200,000 women were forced to be sex slaves. This is the story of two sisters, one kidnapped by the Japanese for sexual slavery and the other who spends her life wondering and searching for her.  (Click here for more on this book)

Live your life like it’s your favorite book, and today is your favorite part. ~Connor Chalfont

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

An Oprah Book Club pick.  A well-educated couple, doing everything right, become victims of the criminal justice system. This is a story about racial injustice, the difference between the rich and the poor in this country and the difficulties of being married – especially for blacks. (Click here for more on this book)

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin

This is a beautifully nuanced mix of humor, female bonding, motherhood, and captivating medical and family drama (think Gray’s Anatomy meets Big Little Lies). It’s light, engaging and a story for and about women. (Click here for more on this book)

Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

A contemporary dystopian novel where embryos have rights. Abortion is illegal, in-vitro fertilization is banned, and soon, single people won’t be allowed to adopt. A world where the Personhood Amendment takes away women’s reproductive rights; it’s a story about four different women making difficult choices. (Click here for more on this book)

Here We Lie by Paula Treick DeBoard

If you’re a fan of books that are timely and relevant – this story of friendship, lies and sexual assault is a must-read. The book will make you think as it looks at male dominance and burying issues rather than confronting them. It’s filled with suspense, scandal, and emotionally engaging characters. (Click here for more on this book)

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