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The books we read, much like other things in life can do more than entertain us. Every so often, toxic thoughts build up, or things become not so perfect for a while and unhealthy feelings start taking up more space than usual in our psyche.

I’m not happy when this happens –  I love being productive and I hate it when everything is a struggle. I don’t know about you, but even my casual days require being present, so in my humble opinion, everyone needs a go to – pick me up.  And since I’m not much for sitting on the fence, I always say, let’s hurry and get the good vibrations going again .

When I need to chase that cynical, inner voice away and give myself a mental lift- several things work.

For starters, indulgence. Now, my younger self usually “over indulged” on alcoholic beverages followed by consuming way too many un-healthy snacks and sweets. And while that worked then – through the years I’ve honed in on better ways.

Here are some of my favorites mood changing fixes.

Fix #1  – Cooking

For me, it often starts small and expands as I get totally into it. I use every inch of available space in my not so big kitchen, and what starts out as neat and organized, fast becomes cluttered and messy. I love every crumb and don’t worry about it.

Fix#2  – Organize

Like cooking, the beauty of organizing something, is it breaks your routine and leads to a very happy outcome; a neat closet, shelf, cabinet, drawer or room.

Fix #4 – Change of routine

A mini vacation to a foreign country isn’t always feasible – but restructuring your routine and adding some movement is. Resist the temptation to hang out with the TV.

Say yes to sunny weather and mixing things up. Spend some time in the sun or take a yoga class.  I also love adult coloring books and big puzzles to shift my focus.

Fix #5 –  Go somewhere

I’m lucky. I live in a city with too many museums to count. It’s absolutely impossible to trek through a museum and maintain the blahs. Even beastly moods go away when you are surrounded by calm and beauty.

No museum? Personally, I can get the same buzz from movies or theater. And it’s rare when a new pair of shoes or a statement necklace doesn’t substantially lighten my mood.

Fix #6  – Volunteer

It’s true what they say. You’re perspective shifts and you get out of your rut when you help others; especially those less fortunate.  So dig deep, and help improve someone else’s life; yours will get better too – guaranteed.

Fix # 7 – Indulge

A huge tub, soothing lavender oils, and lots of bath salts that soften and detoxify, go perfectly with a glass of wine. I know this to be true because this is my personal favorite.

Fix #8  – Read

And finally, I have stacks of untouched books in my apartment – the timeless, classic way to change your mood.

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Happy Reading!


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