Is Costco One Of The Best Places To Buy Awesome Books?

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My book habit can get quite expensive at times.  I have a hard time exercising restraint when browsing in a bookstore or shopping on Amazon.

 So, I’m jumping for joy when I see a reasonably priced hardcover book in Costco!

Favorite Costco Books

I’m blown away at the selection of current books Costco offers, many of them  NY Times Best Sellers. As I stock up on household supplies,  I’m trying to make my way to the book aisle, and I always come home with a few winners.  Below is a list of my current favorites!  I’ve included the jacket cover, our review, and the discussion questions.  Once you’ve read the jacket cover, click on the review link, which will lead you to the Author’s Website and the Book Club Guide for each book.

I’ve had a Costco membership for years and always browse the latest Costco coupon book for the current Costco deals. They offer instant savings on many items, and of course, my favorite is the book section. Unlike a traditional book store where there are shelves of books, Costco has a table of books, and I’m always surprised at the fantastic selection and excellent book prices. 

There are a lot of books, including box sets, workbooks for kids, reference books, fiction, and non-fiction, that you can grab for a great deal and save the shipping expense.  

If you’re looking for a specific book, I suggest going to independent book stores for a bigger selection.  But for casual book buyers that want the wholesale price, big warehouse stores are an excellent option.

I shop at my local Costco store, usually once a month. Most of my friends make it part of their regular routine to check out any new product line and to stock up on household items.  I always treat myself or family members to a new book! 

Click Through To See The latest Books at Costco and PBR Reviews.

jacket covers of costco favorite books

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”

~Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689 – 1762)~

Happy reading!


Costco Favorite Books

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