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I have several passions in life- doesn’t everyone? So, as much as I love a good book – one of my other favorite things is cooking. I know – I’ve said this before – but taking care of myself is big in my day-to-day routine. Plus, what can possibly beat gathering around a table with family and friends, sharing food, laughing, and chatting about your day; this my friend, is a recipe for longevity.

Happy Cooking
By Giada DeLaurentiis
From the Publisher: Best-selling cookbook author Giada De Laurentiis is picking up where Feel Good Food left off. Filled with even more fresh recipes and day-to-day living strategies, the Food Network superstar shares her year-round approach to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Giada De Laurentiis, one of the most recognizable faces on the Food Network lineup, invites readers to get to know her as never before. The celebrity chef is back with nearly 200 new recipes and helpful advice on everything from hosting a potluck or open house to what to pack along for lunch every day.

Drawing on the time-saving tips and healthy eating strategies that keep her functioning at the highest possible level in her roles as working mom, restaurateur, and tv personality, she has assembled a year-round roadmap to vibrant good health and delicious eating.

Readers will be inspired to try new ingredients, new wellness practices, and create a wholesome balance between peak nutrition – and the occasional decadent indulgence. Featuring her New Year’s cleanse, homemade Christmas gifts, and ideas for every holiday, special occasion, and casual weekend in between, this is Giada’s 365-approach to cooking up a happy life.

Hardcover | Pam Krauss Books | Nov 03, 2015 | 320 Pages |  Purchase

Even if cooking is more of a chore for you, if you’re in a book club or love to entertain, eventually you’ll need some fool proof recipes for when it’s your time to host. Trust me when I say I am no culinary expert – I almost never just wing it. I’m the kind of cook who needs to get all my ducks in a row and follow a recipe.


Salad Jars are perfect for labeling. And the best part? Note only can you prepare them ahead of time, but they stay fresh.




dsc_0308My sister and I enjoyed spending time together as we chopped all the fresh goodie for our Salad Jars.

Happy Cooking by Giada De LaurentiisFrom HAPPY COOKING by Giada De Laurentiis. Clever and easy salad in a jar. My sister and I prepared these for a recent PBR meeting. Perfect for book Clubs too!



So, of course, I look for recipes that are flavorful, yet simple, nothing complex, no advanced level techniques or recipes that only Julia Child could pull off; these are better left to the professionals.

Enter – Giadia’s HAPPY COOKING. I bought this book and found some great recipes for parties or just everyday eating and snacking. The pictures are fantastic and the instructions easy to follow – just what I look for in a cook book.


Creating recipes may not be my forte, but I do tweak them according to my mood. Or maybe it’s because I’m finicky, at least that’s what I’ve been told. But to me this is a good thing; you can never be too careful about what you fuel your body with, especially now with all the chemicals and preservatives in our food; probably the strongest argument for home cooked food.

Oops - just one of those days - rolling pin is MIA. Oops -Just One of Those Days – Rolling Pin is MIA.

Acorn Squash- Delicious and Healthy.Acorn Squash- To Top Our Pizza and Make it Tasty.

This Acorn Squash Pizza from HAPPY COOKING is super healthy - and delicious.Pizza- Ready to be Topped with Acorn Squash and Arugula –  Super Healthy and Delicious. From HAPPY COOKING by Giada De Laurentiis.


Cookbooks keep the cooking spark alive. The TV cooking channels are also a great source of inspiration –

So, maybe I’m slightly addicted; most likely because, before I even think about firing up the burners, I spend a lot of time prepping. When sleep won’t come to me or I just need to unwind, I fire up the TV and watch all the cooking shows I have on auto record.


Dessert? Super moist Brownies!Dessert? Super Moist Brownies! Also from HAPPY COOKING.

Although I read most of my books on kindle, I love to own cookbooks. I can spend hours just flipping through the pages and bookmarking the must try recipes. However, if collecting cookbooks is not your thing- why not see if your local library has this cookbook or another that caught your eye?




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Happy Cooking By Giada De Laurentiis

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