My Favorite Food Blogger’s Cookbook: Half Baked Harvest

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Have you seen the new cookbook by Tieghan Gerard? Order it; it’s fantastic! I started following her blog Half Baked Harvest a while ago., and it’s now one of my favorite blogs.

What drew me to the blog initially was her exquisite food photography, she’s masterful at making you want to try the recipes she creates. Each recipe whether it’s a classic or a new creation has a twist to it which raises the bar and adds a deliciousness to it.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

As soon as I saw it was available, I grabbed it. Inside Tieghan tells her story of how she became a foodie and blogger. But, you’ll find more details about her including her barn renovation and family life on her website.

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” 

~American comedian and writer W C Fields~

Accompanying each recipe is an antidote about what inspired her to create it. She includes childhood memories, family recipes, and insight into her cooking style. Of course, being a book blogger, I wanted to try the Apple Pie recipe which referred to the Harry Potter Book series.  Now I plan on making it for Thanksgiving.

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

However, it’s not only desserts. There’s a broad range of different recipes to choose from in this book. It’s divided into sections, which makes it easy to find a recipe in each category. There’s Pasta & Grains, Beef & Lamb, Seafood or Appetizers & Snacks to name a few. The Breakfast section looks amazing!
There’s also a section “How to Cook with This Book.” Here Tieghan gives suggestions on cooking tools and how she stocks her pantry.

Apple Pie

So, let’s talk about the Salted Treacle Butter Apple Pie recipe, I tried. One word — Outstanding!

Apple Pie

Check out my pictures, because this is the best-looking apple pie I’ve ever made. Not that I’m a pie connoisseur, but I have baked a few, and this one gets an A+ for presentation.

With this cookbook, Tieghan inspires you to have some fun in the kitchen and use your creativity.

apple pie recipe

She does assume you have some cooking experience but will give you an easier alternative when necessary. With the apple pie, she includes directions for a homemade pie crust or using a ready-made one. She also gives you a recipe for homemade ice cream, but of course, I skipped that one and went for the store bought! I’m sure the homemade was over the top.

apple pie

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cookbook.  It would make the perfect gift for your foodie friends and family! I look forward to trying more of Teigan’s recipes and dazzling my guests.

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