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How often have you been in the mood to read, only to end up with nothing that piques your interest on your bookshelves? Lately, this seems to be my default, and with my penchant for reading, it means I’m once again in major book-finding mode.

In all seriousness though, the hunt never ends for me, I’m always scrounging around for good books.  But, in case you need a good excuse to indulge,  something most people don’t realize, is that fall is one of the best times for finding new books.

And, as much as book shopping isn’t a jaw-dropping event –  for me – it’s one of the positives about summer coming to an end.

It means, along with swapping out those sandals, bathing suits and shorts for cooler weather attire, fall is the perfect time to stock up on books.

Why?  Because lots of new titles come out – once you get wind of them, you’ll want to head to the bookstore.  And after a long day of roaming and perusing – you’re going to feel fabulous seeing your new purchases neatly lined up on your bookshelf.

I like to affectionately think of overhauling bookshelves as inspirational; reading a good book strikes an emotional cord, it peels away layers of judgment and reveals a different perspective. Even better? A book provides endless hours of enjoyment.

Finally, as much as I love rummaging for new books, it’s safe to say, not everyone has the time.  But, getting your fall reading lined up doesn’t have to be tedious. For the buzziest new fall books – the ones everyone will be talking about – keep scrolling.

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