How To Use The Audible App For the Best Listening Experience!

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Do you want to learn how to use the Audible app? Listening to audiobooks is a simple way to gain extra reading time and enjoy more books.  I’m sure you’ll agree when I say my TBR list is always endless,  there are so many books  I want to read and so little time.  Listening to books has helped me reach my reading goals.  I’ve used the audible app for several years, and now I don’t know if I could live without it!

Audiobooks are gaining in popularity

All you need is a mobile phone or iPad to download the app and start listening.  So, if you’re commuting, cleaning the house or taking the dog for a walk, audiobooks are a simple way to enrich your life.

Picture of Golden Retriever in the snow
My favorite walking partner, Buddy!

Most winter weekends you’ll find me with my family skiing in Vermont. We’re usually snuggling up by a roaring fire with a good book or hitting the slopes for the first tracks.

ski resort mountain

It’s my happy place for many reasons, but it’s also the ideal place to read and listen to books.

snowy road with trees

Typically, we spend the day skiing then stop for some cocktails before heading home for a relaxing dinner. As usual, during mealtime, my daughters and I will discuss books. On this particular night, the conversation began with who preferred the physical book over an ebook. Of course, I had to add audiobooks to the list.

Band playing music
The best place to reconnect and relax after a long day on the slopes.

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Both of my daughters commute to work and are always looking for more time to read. So I grabbed the opportunity to give them a quick tutorial of the audible app.

family picture
My daughters and son-in-law

Using the Audible App is simple.

First, you need to download the free app to whatever devices you choose. I have it on both my phone and iPad using the same account.

On the Audible App home page at the bottom are the following icons:

The Home button gives you a quick overview of your library, book recommendations, and current best sellers. Here you can listen to a sample or add a book to your wish list.

The tab My Library gives you a list of all your books. Since I always have my phone with me, I frequently use this as a reference to recommend books to my friends.

The Star is a list of audible originals which are free to members. I haven’t taken advantage of this offer, but you’re allowed two per month.

The Discover tab is a fantastic way to find new books. It gives you a list of best sellers, recommendations and more. Tap on a book jacket, and you can read the summary and reviews.

Once you start listening to your book, there are several features worth using.

First is the ability to change the speed of the narration, which is helpful if you prefer to hurry things along. The chapter button is useful if you want to review or re-listen to a particular section.

The Timer is my favorite feature because I always listen to an audiobook before going to bed. If I happen to doze off, it’s easy to find where I left off.

The last feature is the Clip and is excellent if you are listening for a Book Club. You’re able to highlight passages in the book and can save a clip or add notes.

I hope this post persuades you to give the audible app a try! It’s worth mentioning that Audible has a vast selection of books and superior customer service.

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How to use the Audible App

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