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When it’s hot out, and you have to pack a few books for the beach or poolside or let’s say you’re trying to squeeze a few into that already full suitcase; paperbacks may be the answer.

Which is why fellow readers, in my eternal search for good books, this week my focus is paperbacks.

What I love about paperbacks, is they have the same great story as their bigger hardback cousins but are much easier to handle when you’re not sitting at home in your favorite comfy chair.

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Now, if you’re deeply rooted to hardcover books, please know, I’m not asking you to give up your love affair with them forever.

Rather, in the summer, when you’re traveling or casually going someplace where a book may come in handy – the smaller version may work. And let’s face it- everyone and everything is constantly clamoring for your money and paperbacks are more affordable.

I read a lot of library books. I love them for at home, but mostly, they are big and not meant for reading on the go. And ultimately I’m not so patient when I’m number 399 in the book queue; waiting and waiting to get the book so I can read it. I live in NYC- I’m not exaggerating- if a book is popular you wait forever.

This means, I buy a lot of books too. And as it turns out, the lighter paperbacks I buy are fantastic for traveling – they’re perfect for a short trip to the park or a major out of the country experience.

But there’s more – one of the side effects of the less expensive version is you may be more inclined to pass it along to friends and share it. I don’t save paperbacks, especially if it’s a captivating read that had me up until the wee hours of the night reading.


I say this with the best possible intentions, with love- I want someone else to forgo sleep too. So I give my paperback books away, with the simple request that my friend, when finished reading it, do the same. Trust me; this habit stands the test of time. Forever goes by and I’m still getting big hugs as the book travels from person to person.

For me, the discovery phase of reading, that is, finding that next read, can be time-consuming. If you’re like me, it’s annoying when your TBR list dwindles. That’s why I’ve pulled together some fabulous books- all paperback of course!

So, there you have it – some fantastic paperback books to sink into as you soak up the summer rays or travel the world.

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