Caution – 6 Historical Fiction Books That Will Make You Obsess.

Part drama, part truth, with a reach that expands the universe, historical fiction could become your next obsession – unless of course it already is.

Without question, reading allows your inner child to thrive, and historical fiction is a unique way to grasp the past and embrace the future. A way to get comfortable in your skin and see different paths.

When I think about reading, I always feel the urge to browse the latest historical fiction books first. I don’t bristle at other genres and read them all, but historical fiction makes a stronger impact and is by far my favorite.

Although not exactly an exotic vacation, this genre lets me explore a plethora of awe-inspiring worlds, from my own backyard (NYC) to jungles, small one-of-a-kind villages, and intriguing cultures.

Some would say, the type of books one reads is defining, but I’m not so sure this is true.

Maybe it’s more that books are like mirrors, reflecting your hopes. A quick Google search says historical fiction “brings the past to life,” “makes learning history fun” and “provides insight into influential people of our past.” All true. But is there more to it? Absolutely.

I’m an emotional reader and a resolute romantic. I adore books that shake up emotions or bring on waves of passion, books that challenge convictions and show the wrongs of history.

I’m also hopelessly enamored with the social customs of the past; everyone was just so polite, so abiding of the rules, so unforgiving of infractions.

I say this without judgment- it’s simply an observation- but living in NYC means experiencing the darker side of crowd mentality and reading historical fiction, is a short reprieve.

Honestly, I never knew reading could be both informative and engrossing until I discovered historical fiction. Of course, this is coming from someone who, if given a chance would fill her hours and days reading.

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Below are some great historical fiction reads. To Read our review, the jackets and more click the links below.


The Last Midwife

The German Girl

The Second Mrs. Hockaday

A Piece Of The World

News Of The World


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  1. 1
    Kate @ Parchment Girl

    Homegoing was SOOO good–the best novel I read last year. Right now I’m reading We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter and I’m completely obsessing over it. And it’s hard to make me obsess over historical fiction. It’s definitely not my favorite genre, so when I love a historical fiction book, I’m doubly impressed!

  2. 2

    Agreed, I thought the historical details were excellent! Thanks for the reading suggestion, I’m definitely going to pick that one up.

  3. 4
    Samantha Lee

    Thank you so much for your book recommendations! This year I’ve been on a mission to make reading more of a priority – I am a library card holder after all. 😉 Right now I’m finishing up my re-read of the Harry Potter series, but I’ll add these to my list to read next!

  4. 7
    Eric || The Bucket List Project

    interesting selection because I haven’t heard of any of these. Going to have to explore them. Which one should I start with? I added many different reading categories to my Bucket List but Historical fiction wasn’t one of them. May have to change that

    • 8

      Hmm . . . that’s a tough one because they’re all good! Homegoing would be a great book to start with, it’s a family saga and has won several awards. Happy reading.

  5. 9
    Kerry Postle

    I’ve not read any of your recommendations but I do like historical fiction. Hillary Mantel’s books on Thomas Cromwell are excellent. However, I quite like historical fiction that questions history, particularly when it comes to women. Fin-de-siecle (sorry, don’t know where accent key is) Vienna is a case in point. It was artistically liberated but considerably less so with the respect to women. However, I’m sure that all ages have their stories of misogyny. Keep reading. Thank you for the recommendations.

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