Women Who Read Are Amazing | Here’s Why!

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I‘ve come to believe that reading cures much of what ails you, offering up escape, entertainment and new ideas. It seems with each new book there’s something that resonates, either subconsciously or consciously and becomes a part of you –  you can’t go back. There’s also something mysterious about someone, be it man or woman, alone with a book. And as for women that read? They are awesome.  Women who read:


Are happy!

Your mood is important, it determines how you interact with others and how you approach your day-to-day tasks. And Lets face it, books are mood elevators.

Make great conversationalists

I’ve never met a curious person I didn’t like. It’s an amazing trait. The curious read everything, so they have a wealth of information just waiting to bubble to the surface. They are pillars of inspiration who breath new life into conversations.

Have compassion and empathy.

Not jumping to conclusions and not judging are timeless qualities, and without doubt, mean thoughtful consideration of others. A woman who reads has met thousands of flawed characters and pondered many moral and ethical scenarios. She knows the world is not black and white. She’s understanding and compassionate.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”

– Fran Lebowitz

Loves her alone time

Nothing is more appealing than confidence. Having a certain something about the way you act and think – a sort of effortless independence. You’re comfortable enough to go about your day and let the small things slide. Reading has this effect – when you have a good book, you don’t mind waiting for people, appointments or in line at the grocery.  Boredom is not in your vocabulary.  A woman who reads loves her alone time.

Are unique

Beyond these reasons, women who read are unique. Maybe because there are no surprises, she’s seen it all in one story or another, and  knows human nature intimately. She can think things through and make the tough calls, keeping things in perspective. After all – they used to burn witches at the stake, and even today, some cultures still subjugate women, denying them fundamental rights. So when the commute train is running a little late – she goes with it.

Don’t be shy – share your thoughts on why women who read are amazing below.

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    Lee Ann Troutman

    Love WOMEN WHO READ. Compassion and empathy are truly missing in our society now. Another result of the lack of reading.

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