16 Books So Good – You’ll Want To Read Them Again

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We all know how a good book can sabotage the best of plans and change your mood. Well, so can the no book scenario. Since I’m a master of books, so to speak, I must be inventive when keeping my book-shelves full.

You may be thinking, how hard can it be? But reading a lot, like any other activity frequently done, causes the edges to fray, but I want fresh. And when you devour books, popping a few good ones on your shelf each week is hard work, unless of course, you throw in a few fun twists occasionally.

Books so good you read them again

The solution? I’m a self-professed book explorer. Of course, I scour the Internet and visit bookstores. I read jackets and reviews, and I talk incessantly to anyone who’ll listen. But sometimes this is not enough. To capture the essence of a book, I have to read a chapter or so, which as you know, takes time.

Books that are so good you read them again

Other than pure sunshine, nothing brightens my day like a good book. And while there may not be such a thing as a bad book, there are those that are not right for me.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.   ~ James Joyce

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back ~ Charlie Brown

So as a rule, if I don’t find a book engaging by the 100-page mark, out it goes. It sounds harsh or even sacrosanct, but it makes sense if you think about it.  I have a website and blog and newsletter, all clamoring for new books, and when it comes to recommending books, there is only one rule – I want it to be great.

Now, while I never fall out of love with books, my focus changes. Sometimes I feel overly pressured to read everything new that comes to market, moving from one of the moment book to the next. I thought for a change; a more low key approach might be nice.

Books that are so good you read them again

So, I started reading some of my favorite books a second time. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first, thinking the book would lose its intensity or not be as enjoyable. I won’t lie – some did disappoint, mostly though, I hardly noticed I had read it before. In fact, it wasn’t easy to narrow the list, but I did. Below are 16 books which are just as engaging the second time around. Enjoy!

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Books that are good or better the second time around:

Book Thief

The Devil In The White City

Still Alice

The Rent Collector

Ordinary Grace

Into Thin Air

All The Light We Cannot See

Never Let Me Go

The Red Tent

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

The Great Gatsby

Jane Eyre

The Bell Jar

The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie

One Thousand White Women

Angela’s Ashes

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