5 Binge-Worthy Books That Will Delight And Captivate

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Like the little black dress or the perfect pair of ballet flats, a few binge-worthy books are a must have for everyone. If you’ve never tried binge reading, then you’re missing out on something delightful.  And while it’s not every day and all the time, I’ve done this a few times now, and

I can tell you, it’s a fabulous alternative to marathon TV or Netflix watching when you need a break.

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My inner child loves the feeling of playing hooky, and occasionally we all need some serious catch-up time. Maybe it’s not exactly like a vacation, but it’s fun and a totally cool way to recharge when you’re energy reserves are depleted.

Binge Reading To Share or Not

Plus, I love going solo on this, but you can share the experience with someone too. If you think about it, life is all about balance. Sometimes, it’s hard not to tip the scales in the wrong direction. Marathon reading is quite possibly the best way to set things right again.

So, where to start? Binge reading has no rules – the idea is to relax –and embrace the journey. You might even say it’s simply permission to take some time for yourself.

The first step ? Toss out any pre-conceived notions you may have. Discard the billion reasons why you can’t.

 Commit to do nothing but read for a weekend, or if all you can spare is a day, that’s fine too. The next step is all about creating some ambiance – find some favorite reading spots, and be fearless, mix it up. After all, it’s always more interesting and relaxing when you love your surroundings.

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Then, get some reading snacks and small bites ready; this is so you can satisfy those cravings and keep your energy levels up.

Finally, no reading binge is complete without books.

Now I realize, that finding incredibly goods books is no small feat. But don’t go combing the aisles of your favorite bookstore just yet. Keep scrolling for some of my favorite binge-worthy books. Pick a few, start reading, keep reading, repeat as necessary.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

The Girl You Left Behind by JoJo Moyes

Molokai by Alan Brennert

The Woodcutter by Reginald Hill

The Good Father by Noah Hawley

5 Books for Binge Reading

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