9 Tips And 9 Books For Lively Book Club Discussions

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Sometimes going old school, playing it safe, is the best approach for what life throws at you. Then again, there are times when you want to go the extra mile.

Needless to say – when it comes to entertaining, there is no denying that it pays to be resourceful and aim high. What’s more, it doesn’t matter the occasion – you’ll be glad you did. So keep reading to get the most out of your next book club discussion.

Serve Good Food – Go Boozy

Make your book club meeting as yummy as it is thought-provoking. Simple yet elegant food that is easy to eat while discussing the book is all part of the ambiance.

Book club food and drink ideas

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And don’t forget booze – it can effortlessly put everyone in the right mood.

Book club drink ideas

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Break The Ice

A successful discussion means a lot of opinions; exciting conversation stems from people who are relaxed. So go around the room and ask something simple – like what is everyone’s favorite book or character – or maybe their least favorite character in a book – anything will do – it’s just getting everyone warmed up.

Best book club books for lively discussions.

Let’s Get Personal

Book clubs are a great way to share opinions and experiences and unleash passions. Ask your members if the book reminds them of something personal in their life. Did the same or similar scenario play out in any of their lives? Can they identify with the main premise of the book?

The Devil’s In The Detail

Our like or dislike of a character can reveal a lot and can also be a favorite discussion point.  Ask if anyone has a favorite passage or quote.  Or maybe they have a favorite character – one they would like to change lives with? Did they identify with the struggles of the characters? Did they agree with the choices the character made?

Best book cub books for lively discussions

Life Lessons

Reading fiction can be powerful, exposing readers to new ideas, helping them to understand others better. Ask members if they gained a different perspective on life – if they were surprised by their reaction to a spiritual or societal issue. Did they learn anything new? Did the book’s message resonate with them?

 Embrace The Conflict

A good discussion depends on being open- minded and willing to share. But listening to different points of view is important too. I love it when another person’s perspective makes me see something in a new light. So, ask members to talk about any issues or aspects of the book that made them uncomfortable. Ask the tough questions the book touched on. Did the book trigger any emotions? Could the messages in this book be interpreted differently due to life circumstances or different backgrounds?

Best book club books for lively discussions

Cut To The Chase

What long-term social impact does the book have? Did the material suggest society needed to change or address any issues? Did anyone crave more information on the topic? Did the book identify an issue, that if addressed, could contribute to making us a better society?

No Dark Clouds

Don’t forget to have fun. People are pack animals by nature – if the moderator is happy and upbeat – everyone will follow suit. Some books clubs invite guests once in a while for new insights. If you feel you’re meetings are getting dull – bring it up and let the members decide the fix.

“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all. ”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

Add An Element Of Surprise & Share The Love

Obviously, since book club members like to read, they have lots of books. The below idea is a lot of fun and a good way to clean up those bookshelves. It’s called Blind Date With A Book, and don’t worry, it doesn’t require stepping out on your significant other. It’s a book swap with a catch. Everyone brings a book wrapped in brown paper, with just a little something about the book on the front. Then each person gives a book and takes a book.

There is nothing better than a stimulating conversation and good friends. If you’re in a book club – let us know what worked for you!

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On another note –  Kelly Palmer’s site has some really great ideas on a healthy life style!

Positive Health Wellness

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