Are Adult Coloring Books Good For You?

There's a lot of chatter about them on Social Media, and secondly, I've seen entire displays devoted to Adult Coloring Books in Barnes and Noble.

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I‘ve been considering doing a blog post about Adult Coloring Books for some time.

First of all, there’s a lot of chatter about them on Social Media, and secondly,  I’ve seen entire displays devoted to Adult Coloring Books in Barnes and Noble.  I think there may be something to this adult coloring thing.

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 So, a few months back, I ordered a coloring book from Amazon along with colored pencils and pens. I was in a creative mood and felt like trying something new, but I never got around to actually opening up the book.

Then, last week I decided to join Weight Watchers because my daughter just got engaged, and I’m determined to look my best for the big day.

And as I reluctantly walked through the door of weight watchers, I saw coloring books on the shelves. Immediately I’m curious about how coloring and weight loss go together. Of course, when I get home, I google it.

Here’s what Weight Watchers says:

"Coloring, really? Yes! Our Live Life Colorfully book can help you focus, soothe stress-wracked nerves, decrease anxiety, and simply just dedicate time for you. Calm the mind by coloring dozens of detailed images accompanied by inspirational quotes. After you fill them in, display the beautiful designs on your vision board, share on Connect, or hang on a wall! Old school? Yes. Fun? Of course. Let this book help you be creative and present. Maybe preschoolers are onto something....Happy coloring!"

Now, I have to try it! I pull out my coloring book and supplies and get to work.

I did find it relaxing. It’s understandable how it could become meditative. It was fun seeing what you could create, even if you were only coloring within the lines. It brought me back to when my kids were little, and I would color with them. I was feeling good!

The book I purchased, Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, is more than just a coloring book. The designs are intricate and beautiful, and it includes mazes and a treasure hunt. As you turn the pages, you can feel the heaviness of the paper’s quality.

We’re all busy with life; sometimes, we must slow down and reflect. Take a beat and enjoy the simple things in life. Try some coloring; it may surprise you. Hey, you might even lose some weight.

Adult Coloring Book Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried coloring as an adult.

Happy coloring,


Adult Coloring Books

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