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Do bookstores inspire you to read more? How about Libraries? It’s no secret that I positively love books. Honestly, I read them, talk about them, write about them and find entertaining ways to amuse myself with them – a lot!

So, of course I also love bookstores and libraries; they are beautiful, perfectly designed and overflowing with quiet energy.

Haven’t you ever noticed that just stepping through the door of a bookshop or library instantly piques your curiosity and lifts your spirits?

There is just that magical little something that melts away anxiety, relaxes you, and tells your mind to get ready for some excitement.

 Your mood changes too, you want to browse and discover and learn new things. Inspiring? Absolutely! But conflicting too.  I want to read so many books; how will I ever choose?

You can imagine my concern then – when I read that bookstores are in trouble, and so are libraries. Does this mean people are reading less?  Or, is Amazon the bad guy? They sell everything and usually cheaper.

Are e-books to blame? Or maybe shopping from home in our big comfy chairs is the culprit.

I’d be lost without these iconic places, so I like to think bookstores and libraries are just re-inventing themselves; going through a self-discovery of sorts – and who among us hasn’t been there and done that?

Book Mobile

Since I’m crazy for books, bookshelves are also an endless source of inspiration for me. I love it when see a creative, resourceful bookshelf; again, I want to pull out my kindle or grab a book and read.

Beautiful Bookcases.
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I don’t care if the spines are facing in or out, the books stacked high or lined up in a neat row, the shelves can be on the floor or the wall, it doesn’t matter; bookshelves scream home sweet home and gently nudge me to read more.


Borders Book Store

When I see beautiful libraries, bookstores and bookshelves, it’s so easy to read more.

I’ve even wondered if I should stop my TV service – but so far that hasn’t happened. You see, I’m also a news junkie and need my daily political fix; must keep up with what our new president is doing!

I’ll be very relieved when everything sorts itself out and these fabulous institutions are safe again.

Sometimes all it takes is one really good book to make someone a lifetime reader.

If you’re feeling social, share this post. It may inspire someone to join a book club, read to his or her child or find the time to read more.


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