Bestseller Books – Are They Actually Good?

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Unless you read a lot, you probably don’t know that the books topping the NYT bestseller lists aren’t always the magnetic and seductive page-turners everyone is constantly seeking out. It’s curious and contradictory and unfair really, but many books make a list, not on merit, but through these massive advertising campaigns by big publishing houses or simply because the author is well known.

Blog -Best of the Bestsellers - 2017 Hardcover Books

I’ve always liked to read so I’m not sure, but I think my serious problems with finding a good book began when my commuting to NYC began; very quickly,the number of books I could read in a week was overwhelming. However, as any avid reader knows- an engaging book can make hours seem like minutes- this is probably why so many commuters always carry something to read. But, even with the hundreds and hundreds of books out there, finding something good to read was not always easy. I remember constantly asking everyone I knew for book suggestions.

But unlike me, they didn’t commute, spending hours a day reading. Asking was starting to make me feel mildly obsessed and a bit naggish. I know I needed to fill a lot of idle time, but books are also one of the small things in life that bring me comfort; and so at the end of the day, I don’t mind the never-ending challenge of finding new books to read.

Blog- Best of the Bestsellers - 2017 Paperback Books

Like a lot of people, initially I turned to the NYT bestseller list.  Admittedly – I’m high maintenance when it comes to books – it’s hard to find new and fresh plots and characters, storylines, writing styles and surprises when you read a lot. While the book getting the rave reviews may seem ok at first, read a little and you get that déjà vu feeling – like you’ve read it before.

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I have to say, NYT lists worked for a while, and of course they still do sometimes. I think the key is in understanding that it’s not the only, or the best way to find good books. Bookstores are a bit better. On weekends I enjoy browsing small quaint bookstores, and of course the big ones like Barnes and Noble, and truth be told, I love that they serve a dual purpose; I discover new books, and I’m inspired to read.  However, do you know the very best way to find your next good read?  Word of mouth.  There really is no better way.

Blog- Best of the Bestsellers- 2016 Paperback Books

Anyone who knows me, knows  –  I absolutely love and appreciate a good book. My bookshelves and Kindle are full, and I may go back and forth about my favorite book or genre, but the thing about books is – when they are good you always want to share them.

Sometimes all it takes is one really good book to make someone a lifetime reader.

If you’re feeling social, share this post. It may inspire someone to join a book club, read to his or her child or find the time to read more.

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