Dazzling Drinks For Your Next Book Club Meeting!

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I bet most everyone does this; I know I’m guilty of it. Instead of thinking outside the box, you go for the tried and true, something you can always count on. And while falling back on staples is excellent, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up a bit.

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These 52 Summer Cocktails Belong On Your Drinking Bucket List

That being said, the last thing you need is hassle. One thing is for certain; summer is all about easy. At the end of the day, it has to be simple, and drinks are a great way to elevate your party without a lot of fuss. A few amazing cocktails can also show off your creative, playful side

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45+ Summer Cocktails Every Host Should Try

You see, drinks have style, and there are so many options, from classics like mint juleps margaritas and champagne spritzers to the modern and trendy with ingredients like Limoncello, ginger or jalapeno. Spicy is trending right now both in food and drinks. Also, don’t forget -nine times out of ten, one of your guests will prefer something non-alcoholic.

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7 Spicy Cocktails to Try this Summer

One way to create that feeling of indulgence is to add fruit, herbs, food coloring or edible flowers to your cubes. You can also freeze coffee or tea in ice trays; to keep your beverage from getting watered down. For example, make some pink lemonade and add raspberry flavored ice cubes then pop in some fresh raspberries.

Or, for the health conscience- freeze some pomegranate seeds in ice cubes. And of course, nothing says summer like melon- add some frozen melon balls to your seltzer or wine spritzer.

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Unique ice cubes jazz up any beverage from BuzzFeed.com

19 Flavorful Ways To Liven Up Your Summer Ice Cubes

You can also shake things up with glassware. Mason jars are very popular when you want to keep things casual and you can use them to serve everything from martinis to fruit punch.

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17 Mason Jar Cocktails

But, who said cocktails had to always come in a glass. Boozy pops are easy to make and although not your typical “drink” – happen to be quite popular. Of course, they should come with a warning – they can taste more like an everyday ice pop, which makes it easy to overindulge.

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BussFeed has some great ideas for boozy pops – 

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I love and good party – it doesn’t matter the reason. And it doesn’t matter if the beverages are spiked or not – it’s all in the presentation.

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