Do You Need One Terrific Cookbook To Help You In The Kitchen?

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Well, we found one! It’s Ree Drummond’s new cookbook THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS DINNERTIME, and it’s fantastic. We’re trying one of her delicious recipes. Can you say Wonton Pumpkin Ravioli? Yum!

We’re all about books! So we decided to break out and try out a cookbook. I’m so glad we did.
Every few weeks my sister and I use the excuse that we have to go away and work on PBR. We’re perfect travel buddies, so it just makes sense to mix business with pleasure.

We work remotely, so sometimes it’s more fun to get together in person. We brainstorm, laugh a lot, and get tons of work done. I’m not going to lie; it’s mostly fun. We recently spent the weekend at our family ski house in Vermont. There’s just something about visiting the mountains that is so relaxing. We went hiking, shopping and cleared our heads in the crisp mountain air.

IMG_1227 Ree Drummonds new cookbook, THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS DINNERTIME was the primary focus of our trip.  We decided on the Wonton Pumpkin Ravioli and let me tell you; it was scrumptious! I know it sounds intimidating, but it wasn’t, trust me, you’re going to want to make this.

pw - 1 (5)

Having my sister as my sous chef in the kitchen presented many opportunities for sisterly bonding.  Quite honestly,  it may have been the other way around, but for the sake of this blog post, let’s say she was my sous chef and end it there!

pw - 1Most of the ingredients were staples in my pantry, minus the wontons which I’ve never used before.  But, the directions were straightforward and easy to follow.
pw - 1 (1) I wouldn’t say either of us is a fantastic cook, but we can certainly follow a good recipe. I’ll admit, there’s a lot of trial and error. But the outcome was great!

pw - 1 (3)I enjoyed browsing the many excellent recipes, especially the ones for feeding a family. I  found the cooking  tips and illustrations to be quite helpful.

pw - 1 (2)The suggestions for organizing your kitchen and dinnertime menus were excellent!  I plan on implementing many in my kitchen hoping to improve my time management skills.  Ugh…It’s always a struggle for me in the kitchen, so I’m looking forward to trying some other recipes.
pw - 1 (6)We set the table, poured the wine and enjoyed our savory meal together!
pw - 1 (7)

Thank you, Ree Drummond, for adding another recipe to my repertoire!

Happy Reading!



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