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It’s the time of year when spring is nudging its way into our thoughts. If you live in NYC as I do, the last bits of the recent snow- storm are still lingering, but the sun is brighter, and winter is fading. It may still be coldish and wet, but an ever so subtle mood shift is happening. We’re ready – to say hello spring, goodbye winter. It’s only natural, as the weather warms, we want to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the goodness.

Spring Fever…

Since spring is budding and on its way, chances are, like me, you’ve noticed more people out and about; running, walking, and cycling with big energy and big smiles. Today, I was thrilled, when on my way to the park to run, I noticed the first blooms of spring. So great! I can’t wait for the rest of spring to arrive.

The friendlier days of spring bring a sense of renewal; everything seems fresher, brighter and more effortless. I’m guessing that I’m not alone here, but I find myself drifting into daydreaming mode a lot, thinking of everything from sunglasses and SPFs to ice cream, spring fashions, and vacations– if you knew me, you would know, this is so unlike me.

Change of season – change of activity.

Sunny weather calls for relishing the outdoors. If you want to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon, find a farmer’s market to browse and then lunch at an outdoor café. Even though the air can be a little brisk, it’s so worth it. Even better? Find a garden restaurant. Both of these simple things can energize and stimulate.

Time to make the big wardrobe switch.

But let be real, to say that I love everything about spring would be embellishing the truth. Personally, I dread the big wardrobe switch. Don’t get me wrong, I love trading in bulky winter coats and cumbersome layers for lighter weight items, but the process itself is a bit of a drudge – it’s a reality check that stresses me out. I never know what will work; somehow even my favorite pieces disappoint. I swear – hours pass, and my Goodwill pile just keeps growing. I seem to get nowhere.

A chance to mix up your exercise routine. 

I don’t know about you, but another big spring thing for me is changing my exercise routine. I’m seriously into cycling – so it’s time to pull out my bicycle, tune it up and jumpstart the season. I also swear by a good spring detox. Why you ask? More energy. A  metabolism boost. Better brain power. Need I say more?

It goes without saying, that being a big fan of the outdoors has some draw-backs; the much-anticipated arrival of spring also comes with allergies – ugh! But on the positive side, these little culprits are short-lived for me; they come on with a vengeance, wreak their havoc, then thankfully, disappear when the buds turn to flowers.

The food choices in spring are more inspiring.

The signs of spring also make their way into our grocery stores. In the winter I get all caught up with soups and one-pot meals like chili or pot roast. I do my best to keep things healthy, but it’s so much easier in the spring. Plus, the freshness of foods this time of year is inspiring. I may reminisce about baked acorn squash, but I crave the healthier vegetables and lighter foods that come with the warmer weather.

And last but not least – something to read.

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So now you know this time of year can be conflicting and confusing,  fun and stressful. But hats off to spring anyway; it’s unequivocally one change I wholeheartedly embrace and take inspiration from.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstreet

Happy Spring!


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