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I love and follow all sorts of book news – plus I read a lot. Naturally, this means you’ll rarely find me without a huge TBR pile of books.  They live happily next to my bed and make me smile.

I’m working a a fix, but for now, I’m pragmatic, logical to a fault, with a drive to be reasonable. And, even I have to admit, it’s not  possible to read one book at a time. There are too many temptations out there, especially with the Internet, that it becomes impossible to resist stockpiling new books.

I think I’m trying to say, my somewhat large TBR pile, just got a lot bigger. Why?

The long list for the Baileys Woman’s Prize for Fiction was recently announced; there are 16 books.

Some of the covers are so colorful and enticing I already want to read several. And I love that this prize honors women.

See what you think. Below is the link, click through, browse the list, read the jacket covers and discover what the prize is all about.  Like me, you may find one or two you can’t resist.  (Think local library if your list gets too big).

The Baileys Women’s Prize For Fiction – 2017 Long List

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