Simple, Tasty Bites For Your Party or Book Club

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There’s a reason I sip wine when I’m in party mode. Don’t misunderstand – I love entertaining. I love losing myself in cooking and planning and trying to get everything perfect. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything. But, it can be maddening. What is it that makes entertaining stressful for me? The food!

These appetizers are simple to make and delicious.
Lasagna Cup Cakes – Six Sisters’ Stuff
Mac and Cheese Bites  – Chef In Training
Sweet Pepper Poppers – My Kitchen Craze

I have more cookbooks than I have room for. There are several food websites I visit, and I also have more than a few food publications being stuffed into my mailbox every month.

This is an elegant crowd pleasing salad.  Plus, it can be done ahead of time and it’s so easy to put you own spin on it.
Seven-Layer Salad – Spicy Southern Kitchen

I realize some people are naturally good cooks. But the truth is, I’ve always needed to try a recipe more than once to make it work. I’m also skeptical if I haven’t tried a recipe for a while.

Arugula and bacon! My mouth waters just thinking of this salad.  Sometimes I switch out the cantaloupe for small orange slices.
Warm Bacon Arugula Salad – Physical Kitchness

Now, it’s possible that I spend too much time mulling things over – but I firmly believe hard work pays off. And, I also believe, that simple food is best and doesn’t have to be boring.

You can never go wrong with a cheese board.  They’re crowd friendly, budget friendly and work for any size party.
Simple Cheese and Nut Board  – Belly Full

Browsing recipes is certainly not a revolutionary concept, but sometimes I find a twist on an old favorite that I hadn’t considered before. But mainly I find inspiration.

Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat. ~Guy Fieri

I also love that when I finish, it feels like I’ve accomplished something. Now, for the above reasons and more, my number one rule and one I never break when cooking for company is – don’t make anything new.

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